Chilliwack (with files from Roger Pannett, Environment Canada) – Dang it was cold. Record Cold !

Roger Pannett of Environment Canada broke down the chilly numbers:

Sunday October 25th, was the second day of record low maximum temperatures.

Election Saturday, October 24th . The Low maximum was at 6.5C.
(6.3C below normal). The Previous low max, 6.7 C in 1934.

Sunday October 25th. Low max at 5.5C.
(7.4 C below normal).
Previous low max, 6.1 C in 1975.

Of course, the wind chill didn’t help either!

By Thursday, we are back to 12C to 14C – about average.

FYI, the coldest October day on record, in Chilliwack, was a low max of 2.3C on October 28th, 1991.

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