Chilliwack – The Chilliwack Vedder River Cleanup Society still had their cleanup of the river, celebrating BC Rivers Day Cleanup, but it had a major and obvious difference.

The Society’s river cleanup for BC Rivers Day Sunday, September 27th was at the Chilliwack Fish and Game Club.

The focus was from the Vedder Bridge and up Chilliwack Lake Road.

Organizers told FVN that the BC Rivers Day cleanup removed 3.3 MT of garbage from the Chilliwack River Valley with less than 50 volunteers. Huge thanks to those of you who joined in.

The date for the next cleanup in April 2021 will be set before the end of January.

This years protocols were:

  1. You must wear a mask when registering and dropping off your garbage (non-negotiable)
  2. You must use the provided hand-sanitizer before registering
  3. You must practice physical distancing on site at the Chilliwack Fish and Game Club
  4. There is to be no lingering on site at the Chilliwack Fish and Game Club (48685 Chilliwack Lake Rd)

The Society provided you gloves, bags and pick up sticks and maintain proper physical distancing between you and the Directors.

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