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Clearwater Speedway With New Owners from Merritt and Getting Ready to Race In The Dirt

Clearwater/Merritt – The Clearwater Stock Car racetrack is under new ownership, as details will be released within the week, it appears there is a strong representation from Merritt Speedway. Both tracks cater to dirt track racing.

On the Clearwater Speedway Facebook Page, administrator Dale Calder posted:

There will be some of us heading to the track site this Friday at 11 am to start organizing what needs to be done. If your interested please come by and we can start talking names and info. If your feeling up to it bring yard tools and weed wackers! See you there. For more info pls pm me.

Right now, website info is being handled by Merritt Speedway. A new Clearwater site is in the works.

The Merritt Stock Car Association took to Facebook to clarify who is doing what:

Ever the optimists the MSCA executive have been hoping and wishing for a break in the Covid 19 pandemic. Unfortunately it is not working in our favor and due to the Provincial State of Emergency we have been unable to race this year, working on keeping relations good with the surrounding community and respecting their wishes to keep their members safe. That being said, at our last Executive meeting the unfortunate decision was made to call the 2020 race season a wash. We are going to be back stronger than ever in 2021 and will be running a full season as normal.Now for some exciting news which we all need right now….The MSCA Executive have obtained permission from the private land owner of Clearwater Speedway to resurrect this track as a sister track to Merritt Speedway! This track has sat for many years unused and is crying for some action. As many of you may have read the announcement the other day, and people are excited, I want to remind all that Merritt Raceways will be running a full schedule in the upcoming season with only a limited amount of race dates in Clearwater. We are hoping to have new members from there attend here as well, and visa versa. In the beginning all points will stay separate and the Clearwater end will run through local donations and support, just as we do here. We hope this venture will be beneficial to both communities and give us avid racers more opportunities to race in 2021. Anyone interested in playing and or building cars can be assured that all rules and regulations will carry over from MSCA to Clearwater and both tracks will be run identically. We are hoping to have all the same volunteers to work with local people in Clearwater to learn the ins and outs and work in unison to make this a profitable venture for all! If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me through private message or via telephone at 250-682-4872. Thank you for you attention to my long post and I look forward to seeing everyone at both tracks, Dale Calder MSCA President

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