Chilliwack – My how times (and tunes) fly by!

Tractorgrease was to celebrate its 6th anniversary this weekend. Add a rain and windstorm which wreaked havoc to the outdoor tent and stage. To the point that Owner Jeff Bonner and partner Taysey Talyor were thrown around by a flying tarp.

We’re left with too much stuff to set up and sh&& weather on the weekend. So…… since next week is sunny and warm we’re moving shows to next weekend. Thx for all the offers of help. See you next weekend

Bonner and crew have gone through some obstacles in the past and even had to cancel their open mic but always kept plowing through the unknown and bringing you awesome live music every weekend.

 Unfortunately their indoor space is not the biggest and is not a great space to be doing live music during a pandemic while keeping everybody distanced and safe.

This final weekend in 2020 will feature Terminal Station, Brandon Isaak, Tamihi, and Naxx.

You can grab tickets in the link here.

So, What’s next you ask? Jeff and crew will be spending time in Tractorgrease Headquarters planning their next moves and coming up with ways to bring you live music and the sense of community that Tractorgrease is even during the toughest of times. 

So this weekend you can stop by and pick up any of the left over merchandise for 50% off. (while quantities last)

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