Vancouver/Abbotsford/Edmonton – Ya, we know how crazy 2020 has been.

Then there are the Canucks …

TODAY…. Game # 1 at 7:30 pm
Vancouver Canucks vs Vegas Golden Knights

The Canucks have moved on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs because they played a team game and supported each other.  Abbotsford, we need to do the same. The celebrations after Friday’s game saw AbbyPD put a few people in the penalty box.

We are LOVING the community spirit  of our Canuck fans & sports enthusiasts! PLEASE celebrate safely and responsibly … we all want to have a good time and enjoy our team!

✔️ Social distance – YOU KNOW the COVID rules!
✔️ Hang out with those in “your circle” 👨‍👩‍👦
✔️ Cheer loud and proud for our team!

❌ Do not let your child hang out of the car – they are precious cargo!
❌ Do not light off fireworks in the crowds- umm… that’s just plain DANGEROUS  (REMINDER – fireworks are not allowed in Abbotsford)
❌ Decide to show off in your vehicle & speed – again, DANGEROUS & someone is going to get hurt!

AbbyPD patrol officers will be in attendance ensuring public safety and managing traffic.

Please enjoy the game, celebrate responsibly and take care of each other. #Teamwork  

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