Vancouver – The Veterans Transition Network (VTN) has mobilized its network across Canada to help veterans and soldiers struggling with mental health during COVID-19.

VTN has officially launches its national Transition Skills Course — a five-day, confidential course designed to increase resiliency in this time of adversity. It addresses trauma, provides peer support, improves communications skills and encourages goal setting.

“Veterans need help and they need it now,” says Oliver Thorne, VTN Executive Director. “We know that COVID-19 is having negative impacts on mental health.

The course is open to military and RCMP, men and women, all ages, active or retired. Course, travel and accommodation fees are covered by charitable donations and government grants. “Contact us and we can help,” says Thorne to all veterans struggling across Canada. “We understand operational stress injuries. We have specialized psychologists and veterans at our retreats. Transition is tough, we get it.


VTN is a leading organization in Canada for veterans mental health. VTN programs were developed at the University of British Columbia in 1998 and refined by a national clinical network.

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