Cultus Lake – On the heels of a recent accident with a boat and an indigenous canoe, comes another near tragedy.

Details are few, but on Sunday afternoon, a boat collided with a jet ski.

One witness told FVN that a woman was seriously hurt and airlifted to Royal Columbia Hospital. She wanted to remain anonymous.

When EMS crews rushed to the scene they had to make their way through the traffic.

Social media criticism of boaters echoed what AE EV posted to Facebook : They need to take the boat rental down. It is crazy how the people renting boats and jet ski up there drive around. One day I will take a video of that craziness and report it. Almost got hit twice today from a rental boat.

More to come.

2 thoughts on “Boat/Jet Ski Collision at Cultus Lake”
  1. So the boat crash was actually not the boaters fault. I was on the lake that day WITH the people in that particular boat. I had ended up leaving early but my friends filled me in on what happened later that day. all of us are sober and have been sober for years so there was zero drinking involved on our end, but the woman driving the jet ski did seem to be intoxicated. She drove full speed into their boat that’s why she hit the side of it. None the less everyone on that boat dove into action to save her and if they all didn’t do such a good job at caring for her and bringing her to safety she might not have lived.
    That’s the other side of the storey.
    Sometimes you need to hear both before you judge.

  2. I happened to be at the Cultus Lake Marina when the injured woman was brought to the dock. The staff at the Marina did an exceptional job providing medical assistance. There just so happened to be a emergency medical doctor that had just come in from boating with his family and he immediately stepped into action assessing the injuries and provided medical assistance until the paramedics arrived. I was extremely impressed with the actions of staff and doctor.
    I have been coming to the lake for years and it was extremely busy on the lake Sunday. You defiantly needed to pay attention to your surroundings.

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