Chilliwack – The owners of Decades Coffee in Chilliwack were planning to move from their Wellington Avenue location (next to Nugget’s Books and across the street from Cyrus Centre) to the new Algra Brothers Downtown Chilliwack digs.

The came COVID-19 and those plans derailed.

Decades is looking for a nbew home, while keeping their business on line, as best they can.

In a Facebook and Instagram posting, the owners – Ron Laser and Esther Hoogendoorn explained what happened, and what will be:

Changes are happening in the story of Decades Coffee and it’s time to let you in on the drip.
We’ve decided to let go of our spot in the new downtown development by Algra Bros. It’s a big change for us and we’re still considering what this all means for us and our next steps. We’re sad to see this go and we look forward for another shop to live their dreams in the space.
What we do know is that we have a deep sense in us that our story isn’t over. We don’t know what it looks like but we know that our story only continues with the support of our community. This is us asking for help. We need you.
The past few months we’ve made a challenging and quick pivot in our business model to online sales of our yummy baked and dry goods. We’ve even found ourselves on the shelves at some favourite local businesses, Klaassen Farms and The Town Butcher.
Our dream is to take this opportunity and build into a story that’s beyond ourselves. Our hopes and dreams are to do more awesome things in this world to help those who need their arms lifted up in support.
We sell cakes and cookie mixes but we want to be known for serving a purpose bigger than ourselves because the world doesn’t actually need more cake or cookies. It does need more kindness, more rescuing of those in slavery, more eradication of needless suffering and more room at the table for everyone.
How you can help us…
1) Buy our goods online at
2) Buy our goods at @thetownbutcherltd and @chilliwackblueberries .
3) Ask your favourite retailer to carry our goods.
4) Give us honest feedback and help us name things.
5) Tell your friends about us.
6) Help us find a small spot to set up a baking production kitchen as we are currently in a temporary borrowed commercial kitchen.
We love Chilliwack. We love the people. We see great days ahead. You’re the hero in our story.
Ron Laser
Esther Hoogendoorn

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