Kenora, Ontario/Fraser Valley – Just like every other charity this year, COVID-19 has altered fundraising plans.

Bladder Cancer Canada is no different.

Ferg Devins may be a name familiar to Chilliwack. Prior to retirement, Devins was the spokesperson for Molson-Coors as the company was preparing to open the new brewery in Chilliwack. Devins is also a bladder cancer survivor.

Here is his story:

This is a year like no other. However, like every other year, there will be 12,000 new bladder cancer patients diagnosed this year. I was diagnosed back in 2014 and thanks to the great care of the Sunnybrook Health Science team, led by Doctor Ron Kodama – I’m a “thriving survivor” of bladder cancer.I caught it early and still have my bladder. I had non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Two high-grade tumors were removed and I underwent treatments with “BCG”.  I have also been very involved with Bladder Cancer Canada and I am currently volunteer Chair of the board.

Thanks to family and friends like you, we continue to make a difference in patient care – awareness and research funding. YOU play a big role in supporting your broader community. I appreciate you and would truly appreciate if Bladder Cancer Canada might benefit from your generosity and philanthropy this year. I also respect that you have choices to make and understand if we are not part of your plan this year. THANK YOU for all you do in our greater community.

Our walk traditionally generates around $600,000 – a critical pillar of our revenue and annual operating budget.

This year we are walking “virtually”. We are calling it “walk where you are”. I will most likely walk right here in Kenora. We encourage folks to walk where they are across Canada this year. It actually may help greater awareness coast to coast to coast.

My goal is to raise $50,000.00 CAD and I hope I can count on your support this year. Just click on the link below and it will take you to my Personal Page where you can donate in just a few easy steps.  

Just search “Ferg Devins” and you are good to go –

If you’d like to learn more about the BCC Awareness Walk, please visit or go to to learn more about Bladder Cancer Canada.

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