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Lawyers Unite For Food Banks During COVID-19 Crisis

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Vancouver- Paul Doroshenko and Kyla Lee are familiar faces on TV and social media. They are with the law firm, Acuman Law of Vancouver.

When they are not spearheading calls for accurate testing for impaired drivers, they are busy advocates.

Doroshekno is calling on all lawyers to step up and help local food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many are hording toilet paper among other things, the food banks are in dire need to help those who can’t afford grocery shopping.

Paul Doroshenko
Kyla Lee

Folks, the local Food Banks will need to help a lot of people in the coming weeks. This is serious. On behalf of my law firm, I just donated $3000 to the Vancouver Food Bank. We’re a small firm. Please join me in encouraging the big firms to come out and help.

It’s going to be hard for us. All staff not working will still be paid for their regular hours. We won’t have billings for weeks. But if we can do this then @FaskenMartineau, @ClarkWilsonLLP and those big firms can certainly help out as well.

Let’s get law firms involved. Please, big or small, now is the time to help out those who will really need help with shifts cut and lost work over the next couple of months. We’re talking about feeding those in need. Let’s lend a hand fellow lawyers. This is our community.

Many people without savings will face a loss of work due to the pandemic. Now is the time for lawyers and law firms to give back. The Food Banks are equipped to distribute food but they need your support #lawtwitter.

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