Chilliwack – S A T U R D A Y NIGHT!…admit it, you just sang that.

The soundtrack of a generation arrives in Chilliwack when Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers take to the stage Sunday March 22.

Ticket info is here.

FVN has snagged a pair of tickets to give away. Tell us your Bay City Rollers story. Where were you ( and how young) when You first heard the band. Did you see them the first time around in 1975? Comment below and one pair of tickets will be drawn at random.

Selling over 300 million albums worldwide, The Bay City Rollers attracted fans of all ages and a phenomenon known as Rollermania swept across the globe.

Now, Bay City Roller legend, Les McKeown, has brought together a powerful group of talented musicians who embody the same essence of the original band that the world knew and loved. With their catchy hooks and tartan pants this legendary band has produced some of the most iconic songs, like “Saturday Night”, “You Made Me Believe in Magic”, and “Shang-a-Lang”.

Come journey back in time to those carefree days of the ’70s when Scotland’s original boy band ruled the charts with some of their greatest hit songs, and you’ll be reminded why they had audiences screaming themselves hoarse in excitement.
3 thoughts on “S A T U R D A Y NIGHT! – WIN TICKETS TO THE Bay City Rollers In Chilliwack – March 22 (VIDEO)”
  1. I was about 14 and heard them on CKLG AM and was hooked. Being Scottish I fell in love Ian and even cut my pants and sewn tartan bottoms on them. Still know all the words to Saturday night and would still kiss Ian’s picture if it was still on my bedroom wall. Lol I will always keep on dancing to the rock an roll of Saturday night.

  2. We first heard them in our early teens , we must have played the “rollin album” till it wore thin lol we had the posters on our walls of our homes and of course we all had our favorite Roller and we soon loved to wear plaid. We used to have dances in our elementary gym but mainly we listened to them on our small record players.

  3. I had their posters all over my wall. Made scrapbooks. Became a member of their fanclub and still have their records somewhere. I sewed some tartan on a jacket and pants also. Was good memories and such a surprise to be able to now see them on youtube. My fav was Eric Faulkner. Still love hearing their music

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