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Abbotsford Police Warning – Don’t Allow Access To Your Computer From Someone You Don’t Know/Suspect

Abbotsford – This past weekend, thieves once again struck an unsuspecting Abbotsford citizen,defrauding her of $15,900 through an elaborate phone scam.

The victim received a phone call from a female pretending to be a concerned security officer from a local bank.The caller advised that the bank was alerted to a suspicious transaction in the victim’s account. The fraudster had the last four digits of the victim’s bank cards and used this information to convince the victim of her legitimacy.

The victim was advised that in order to recover her funds,she would be required to purchase gift cards and provide their numbers and PINs to the bank.

The victim complied with this request and in the end, lost her money.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre estimates that less than 5% of mass marketing fraud is ever reported. Do not open unsolicited emails when the sender is unknown.

Please follow the steps in this link if you have been defrauded: Spam & related violations can be reported to enforcement agencies through the Spam Reporting Centre at

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