Mission – The 23rd Annual L.I.N.C. (Long-term Inmates Now in the Community) Society FREE Christmas Gathering is once again in Mission – Thursday December 19.

4-7PM at All Saints Church on Second Avenue.

Facebook info here.

But this feast can not happen on it’s own.

Supplies needed – updated list

Turkeys 22 20 lb plus birds 12 birds so far donated
Large boneless Hams 4
Potatoes 100 pounds
Carrots 50 lbs donated
Peas frozen- 10 1 kg. bags 4 bags donated
Cranberries 10 bags or 40 pounds
Sugar white 10kg bag
Cabbage 10 heads donated
Peppers 10 mixed
Onions 50 lbs donated
Zucchini 5
Cucumbers 5 donated
Corn starch- 3 large cans
Cheese- cheddar
Foil roasting pans-18
Tin foil 3 large boxes
Saran wrap 3 large boxes
Mayonnaise 4 lg. bottles
Worchester sauce I bottle donated
ginger ale 12 litres donated
Raspberry juice 8 frozen cans
Pineapple juice 8 frozen cans
Ice 8 bags
Gifts for adults and kids
Celery 10 bunches
Tomatoes 10 tomatoes
Mushrooms 2 boxes donated
chicken broth- 10 tetra packs 4 donated
Seasonings/spices-poultry seasoning donated
40 foil pie plates
Apples 100 pounds- 2 boxes for baking pies donated
ice cream 2 big vanilla
sour cream 3 big
half and half 6 litres
Coffee 3 cans
Buns 12 dozen
brown sugar 8 bags
Shortening-vegetable/lard for pies
Flour 2 10 kg bags donated
vanilla donated
Butter 20 pounds- for baking, buns, veggies
Salt-sea salt 1 bag
Cocoa 2 cans
icing sugar 8 bags
maraschino cherries 5 jars
mandarin oranges 6 boxes
Day old bread for stuffing
Lunch meals for 20 volunteers 3 days 1 day donated
Assorted crackers
Pickles donated
Vegetable oil 3 litres 2 donated
Rental fees for hall donated
Rental fees for rented cooking equipment

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