Chilliwack – On Tuesday, Chilliwack City Council released their 2020 Budget Proposal and Financial Plan.

The plan can be found here starting on Page 32 of the Council Agenda.

The wish list includes six new RCMP, one firefighter and, of course, a tax increase.

The Financial Plan funds all proposed capital projects without debt, in accordance with the City’s pay-as-you-go no-debt policy.

Inflationary and service level increases = 2.14%

Additional public safety service level increases = 1.18%

Total 3.32%

The tax base increase of 2.14% funds inflationary and non-discretionary items, two (2) additional RCMP members, one (1) additional RCMP support position, one (1) additional firefighter,one (1) bylaw enforcement officer and an information technology support position. An additional 1.18% provides for additional 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th RCMP members, a 2nd RCMP support resource, a 2nd firefighter addition and a 2nd bylaw enforcement officer.

First and Second reading went through.

The always testy public information meeting is set for December 3. You can voice your opinion starting at 7 PM that night or watch on line through the City Website

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