Fraser Valley – It’s that time of year once again when grizzly ghosts and ghastly goblins growl and groan through the streets trick or treating. BC Transit would like to remind everyone that our buses will be ready to get you to your destinations safely throughout the night.

Here are some tips to stay safe while you are out collecting treats:

·         BC Transit buses are safe places for anyone – including children who may be distracted by the excitement, candy and costumes and get separated from their group

·         Young children should be accompanied by an adult or responsible older child

·         To be scary, ghosts and monsters must be seen! Carry a flashlight and/or incorporate LED lights or reflective strips to costumes

·         Masks could make it difficult for a child to see where they’re going: eye-safe makeup might be a better choice

·         Always cross at intersections, crosswalks or street corners

·         Remind all superheroes and villains to stop at the curb, look both ways, and listen for oncoming traffic

·         Remind the younger goblins and ghouls to never go into a stranger’s house or vehicle

·         Only visit homes that want to participate in the Halloween fun—look for jack-o-lanterns and other decorations before you ring a doorbell.

For adults that are heading out to celebrate early on the weekend, be sure to catch a ride with us if you’re heading out to have a spooktacular time. BC Transit will get you to your destination and home safely.

Please visit for more information on transit routes, fares and schedules, in your local transit system.

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