Cultus Lake – OCTOBER 14 UPDATE – The search for 82 year old Valentina Kushnareva , who went mushroom picking on Thursday October 3 and has not been seen since, has been suspended.

Lisa Johannes Bisschop‎ with MISSING: VALENTINA KUSHNAREVA – Missing in Columbia Valley/Cultus Lake posted to Facebook:

After much consideration and speaking to Valentina’s family, we have decided that starting today there will no longer be any community organized ground searches. The weather is changing, the length of time (almost 2 weeks), and not having a person to lead the searches has all played factors into our decision.

We are all hopeful that Valentina will be found and continue to ask anyone that does hike, hunt or mushroom pick in that area to please keep your eyes open for her. If you know someone that has trail cams in the area please ask them to check their video footage back to Oct 3rd.

We are currently continuing to support the family with meals, if you would like to provide a meal for them please send me a private message.

Continued prayers & words of encouragement for the family always appreciated ❤

One thing we spoke of on the radio (Sunday interview on Star FM) was the need for anyone who lives in the area and is familiar with those woods and feels comfortable enough to lead a group of searchers. I am extremely thankful for those who have already stepped forward to lead our searches (Stan, Frances, George & Babs and Tim and Cheryl) We are also thankful to others who have gone out on their own to search and those locals who will continue to do so.

OCTOBER 6 UPDATE – 82 year old Valentina Kushnareva , who went mushroom picking on Thursday, has not returned home and family are concerned.

Search and Rescue have been deployed at the last known location, that was mentioned on social media. That was an area between Stoney Mountain Farm (43,000 block of Frost Road) and Linely Camp.

A Facebook page for information, Find Valentina Kushnarova – Missing in Columbia Valley/ Cultus Lake has been set up. Click here.

Local drone operator Wings of Mercy told FVN that they hope to have their drone in the air over the search site, However they can’t go until Search and Rescue finish their work. Ill be on Elk Mountain looking for Kristopher Couture who’s been missing since January 26, 2019.

FVRD Trustee and Teacher Taryn Dixon‎ posted to the Facebook page Columbia Valley

Thanks to all those who helped today (Saturday) to look for Valentina. Search and Rescue, RCMP and volunteers from Columbia Valley and from other areas too. Thanks to Lisa Johannes Bisschop for helping to coordinate the volunteers and for letting people know if and when help was needed. It was all appreciated. I do not know the plan for Sunday but assume if help is needed again there will be a request.

RCMP Valentina Kushnarova

Valentina Kushnarova is described as:

·         Caucasian female.

·         Height: 155 cm (5’1”).

·         Weight: 48 kgs. (106 lbs).

·         Hair: Grey cut short.

·         Eyes: Blue.

Her daughter-in-law Tatiana took to the Columbia Valley Facebook page to post:

My mother-in-law went missing yesterday (Thursday) evening. We suspect she went to look for mushrooms and either got lost in the forest (unlikely) or fell and injured herself and could not come back. Police has been searching since last night. Our property has been searched twice, and she is not here.

Her name is Valentina Kushnareva, she is 82, about 5′ tall. She has no ID with her. We are guessing she could go from our property (end of Frost Rd) to the provincial park area, possibly through the Linley camp.

Please, if you find her, or something you think may be related to her disappearance, please message me or call the police 604-792-4611.

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