Fraser Valley – The Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra’s Spooktacular Halloween Concert is a family event.. with a twist.

Bring the children and they are requesting audience participation with costumes.

Yes, the guest Violinist Cristian Herki is indeed from TRANSYLVANIA and he will be giving a spine chilling rendition of Saint-Saen’s La Danse Macabre. Sunday October 27th at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

Cristian Herki

Maestro Greg will be up to his usual onstage shenanigans and there are rumours of him hoping to descend onstage from the rafters but we hope this is only a rumour.

There will be a visitation from some local Witches so we think we have Halloween pretty well covered.

Tickets are available at from the Chilliwack Cultural Centre Box Office for this October 27th 3PM event.

However, please don’t bite the neck of the person sitting next to you.

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