Langley City Langley City partnered with Ipsos, a professional public opinion research company, to conduct its 2019 Community Survey. The survey started on September 16 and was anticipated to close on September 30, but the City of Langley and Ipsos have decided to extend the survey until the end of October to get more residents’ feedback!

Complete the Community Survey, here:

“Langley City Council wants to know what you think! Complete the online survey, and if you receive a phone call from Ipsos Reid, please take the time to answer all of the questions! Your responses will shape our decisions on important issues.” said Mayor Val van den Broek.

Ipsos Reid is phoning 500 random residents to ask about various issues including, quality of life, financial planning, services and communications. The telephone survey’s goal is to get an equal representation of all ages and genders to ensure the survey results accurately represent the entire population of the City.

“Ipsos Reid wants to get a representative sample from all genders and ages to accurately reflect the population in the City,” said Roy Beddow, Deputy Director of Development Services. “Interviewers may ask to speak to a specific person in your household because they haven’t met their quota for a demographic. If you experience this, Langley City wants you to know; you can still have your say by completing the online survey.”

Your opinions are important, and Ipsos and the City of Langley appreciate your participation in this research. Community Survey results will be presented to Council and will be posted shortly after on the City’s website at

For more information, please contact Roy Beddow, Deputy Director of Development Services at 604.514.2817 or

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