Abbotsford/Calgary (Western Aviation News) – Another shakeup in Canada’s holiday air travel market as Swoop and Sunwing are partnering on vacation packages from select cities.

The move will allow passengers in Edmonton, Abbotsford, Winnipeg, London, and Hamilton to book Sunwing packages but fly on Swoop flights to sun destinations in Mexico. More than half of Swoop’s winter schedule is bound for destinations in the southern United States and Mexico, including Mazatlan, Los Cabos, Perto Vaillarta, and Cancun.

“Saving our customers time and money by providing convenient, direct flight services from their local airport has always been a key priority for us,” said Andrew Dawson, Sunwing’s President of Tour Operations in a statement. “Sunwing Airlines already offers flights to over 45 of the most popular sun destinations from over 30 departure airports coast to coast.”

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