Chilliwack – At the Tuesday afternoon session of Chilliwack Council, Amber Pricewith Rainbow Crosswalk for Chilliwack was ecstatic over a new motion regarding a Downtown Rainbow Cross Walk.

Perhaps not a crosswalk at all. Perhaps looking for new ways of celebrating inclusion.

Councillor Bud Mercer put forward a motion for staff to investigate the ways that other cities have celebrated and included diversity in their policies. Public art has been used in many communities, and not necessarily a cross walk.

Mayor Ken Popove took this motion a step further with an amendment to create an Inclusion, Accessibility and Diversity Committee.

Back in August, Hope District also took a look at a crosswalk (for 4th Avenue and Park Street) and discussed other artistic alternatives. You can see that discussion below around the 20:00 minute mark.

Just a quick Google search and you can easily find a number of public art ideas.

Later the same day, Chilliwack School Board voted 4-3 to approve a rainbow crosswalk at the School Board Office on Cessna. The three against were also the staunch anti-SOGI trustees, Maahs, Neufeld and Ferguson with Chair Coulter, Trustees Reichelt, Swanky and Mumford in favour.

Sto:lo elder and LGBTQ2 advocate Louis De Jaeger posted to Facebook: The Chilliwack School Board has just moved in line with First Nations in support of LGBTQ2 crosswalks. Our schools now recognize and supports safe places for our kids. Chi-Meegwetch \0/

The video is below with the discussion starting at the 45:00 mark.

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