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Wexit Canada – Western Canadian Separatist Party Entering Federal Stage – Just Not In Time For October Election

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Calgary/Fraser Valley – Wexit Canada, the Western Canadian Separatist party is entering federal stage. Well, almost.

Taking their name from the Brexit controversy, they want to be taken seriously, unlike say the old Rhino party (which has made a comeback in a few ridings across the country).

From their media release, they state:

Wexit Canada is the premier voice for the separation of the Western Canadian Provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba – from the Government of Canada, situated in Ottawa, Ontario.

Whether it be the hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in Alberta’s Oil Patch, the federal mismanagement of Saskatchewan’s agricultural exports, the opium war conducted against British Columbians, or undermining of Manitoba’s aerospace and transport industries – Western Canada suffers, while Eastern Canada robs our wealth and our children’s future through crippling industrial regulation, overtaxation, and destructive social policies. Wealth is transferred from West to East, leaving economic and personal ruin in its wake.

The one glitch for the October 21 Federal Election is that they won’t be running any candidates.

FVN/chillTV spoke with their PR person Peter Downing, who said that the party will be ready for any future by-elections and will be present in all four Western Provinces. Downing could not provide any more details than that.

At first, FVN was skeptical that this was legit, but the party is ready to battle for your vote. Just not right now.

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  1. I am very interested in joining this movement; especially if they are going tyo take real action and not just make a lot of noise! Now is the time to make progress since we have a minority federal government! We need to be a viable party SOON becuse we are probably looking at another election within two years!

  2. I live in Creston, B.C. I would like to sign up as a Card Carrying Member and Supporter! Len Lakes, email:

  3. Where and how would the party set shop so to speak?
    How would the transition for the social programs, ie pensions,medical, police etc., be done?
    I am a senior on pension. I have been a western supporter for 50 years or more ( used to be called “The Republic of Western Canada”) and tired of the East calling the shots.

  4. Trouble is,you are just exiting years of indoctrination, and havent seen how it really works yet. When you do, you will realise, as we do, the futility of voting.

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