Chilliwack – The Public process to change the face of Chilliwack Mall will start in earnest on Tuesday with a public hearing at 7PM, September 3.

Back in July, the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, the Chilliwack Mall and its owner SmartCentres unveiled one of the worst kept secrets. Chilliwack Mall, which first opened in 1981 (SmartCentres bought Chilliwack Mall in 2017), will go through ( if all goes as planned) a major upgrade and additions.

The detailed pdf can be found here.

The first of the public hearings will focus on : amendments to a portion of the subject property’s Official Community Plandesignation from ‘General Commercial’ to ‘Medium Density Residential’ and to rezone that portionfrom a C4 (Shopping Centre) Zone to an R6 (High Density Multi-Family Residential) Zone to facilitatea subdivision and apartment development. The proposal includes relocating the existing C7 (LiquorStore) Zone within the property to facilitate renovation of the existing mall and the construction of a new free standing liquor store.

As well, recommendation that “Zoning Bylaw Amendment Bylaw 2019, No. 4740”, which proposes to rezone portions of the property located at 45610 Luckakuck Way from a C4 (Shopping Centre) Zoneto a C7 (Liquor Store) Zone and an R6 (High Density Multi-Family Residential) Zone, and from a C7(Liquor Store) Zone to a C4 (Shopping Centre) Zone, be given first and second reading; and further,that a Public Hearing be called for September 3.

SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust
SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust
One thought on “First Of Many Public Hearings For Chilliwack Mall Redevelopment Start Tuesday September 3”
  1. Really disappointed I had to miss the Public Hearing re redevelopment and rezoning of Chilliwack Mall. I haven’t enquired yet but sure hope this rezoning did not go through. What do we need ‘high density” zoning for? My experience with high density when living in larger cities, was to have access to public transit, for example. That area has several multi-unit residences and does not need more. The way Chilliwack has exploded the last few years, seems to me everywhere is high density to extreme already. We need more of a variety in of stores in that mall, and it NEEDS TO REMAIN CLOSED IN. The extremes of weather here are not such that the strip mall is a great idea to go outside between shops we visit (noting handy access to parking? What! Unless I read the information incorrectly, it seems the developers want to have the access of shops outside, most likely a necessity for them to make billions building more condos we don’t need. Take a look around. Almost every area of Chilliwack has several residences either done, or in the process of being constructed. I want to know, where are all these people going to go when they leave their homes? There wont be enough of anything to accommodate all these people, not to mention there are only a handful of roads the run across the town and traffic is a worse gridlock already than most large cities I have lived in. I know things have to grow and change; but this is a negative change as far as I can see.

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