From 8 weeks of age, PSD Duke was destined to be a police dog.  He displayed the courage and confidence necessary which he maintained throughout the duration of his career.  He has had a long and distinguished career being trained in many different specialty profiles. 

APD – Duke

He is trained in all aspects of General duty police dog work such as tracking, searching, criminal apprehension, narcotics and obedience. Additionally, he was active with the Emergency Response Team, the Crowd Control Unit and is one of only six police dogs in the Province trained to search Avalanches.

During his career he found several missing persons, tracked and apprehended many criminals, located evidence at crime scenes including DNA, firearms, and narcotics. Additionally, he was decorated with a commendation for locating two deceased persons who had been buried deep in an avalanche providing closure for the grieving families. 

PSD Duke also assisted on a difficult multi-agency track of a heavily armed suspect who was wanted for a home invasion/ robbery/ aggravated assault.  Following a pursuit, the suspect fled on foot into a wooded area in Surrey BC. During this incident, PSD Duke tracked for over 25 minutes in extreme conditions to locate and apprehend the suspect who fought violently to escape.  Using weapons, the suspect struck, kicked then bit Duke in an attempt to get the dog to release, however, Duke refused to give up the fight, maintained his hold and the suspect was apprehended.

PSD Duke will retire and live on an acreage in Abbotsford with the family of his handler, Sgt Scott.  He will enjoy long walks guarding the property, chasing his ball and being an excellent companion. PSD Duke will continue to be involved with mentoring future K9 recruits and being a good role model.

During his career, Duke has kept his handler Sgt Chris Scott safe and served the community well with courage and confidence.

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