Harrison Village – AUGUST 13 UPDATE – At their Monday night council meeting, Harrison Village council received a report of parking concerns in relation to Bear Mountain and tourist parking proposals in the Village core.

This does not mean that anything will be etched in stone, however reports such as this are recommendations that the Village may wish to do more research.

Michie Vidal, Harrison Hot Springs Councillor told FVN that ” The parking concerns were not a specific agenda item. Receiving the report was an agenda item. As was explained, the report is only a guideline and Council is not obligated to follow any of its recommendations. A friendly amendment was introduced to remove the direct reference to the proposed parking area by Councillor (Gerry) Palmer. This was accepted by Council. The report was voted to be received by Council.”

ORIGINAL STORY AUGUST 12 – On the agenda for Monday’s council meeting is a plan to include a parking lot at the base of Bear Mountain with access off Echo Ave as well as Naismith.

As well, tourist street parking proposals to expand to Spruce, Echo, Bear, Maple and Cedar Avenues.

The Road, Bridge, and Active Transportation Plan has been completed with a recommendation that Council officially receive the report. It is a lengthly document which has studied our current transportation infrastructure including roads, vehicle and pedestrian bridges and parking capabilities. It also provides recommendations on improvements to traffic calming options and future parking requirements as the Village experiences tourism growth and residential development. The full report is available on the website.

As a cost saving measure and to increase efficiency, a recommendation to eliminate quarterly billing of utilities to annual billing. Property owners would still maintain the ability to participate in monthly amounts through our authorized debit program with financial institutions.

A request from the Community Services Coordinator to authorize the purchase of our synthetic outdoor skating rink approved by Council on May 21, 2019. These funds are available through RMI funds and installation is expected to be completed for this winter season.

A request from the Planner for approval to begin the re-zoning process on a 1.6 acre property located at the west end of Echo Ave. The request is to re-zone from the current R-2 zone(Residential – Duplex) to an R-3 zone (Residential – Small Lot) to allow for the future construction of a 5 lot subdivision application.

A recommendation from the Planner to begin the process for adoption of the Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 1142 and the Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1143. This is to accommodate the proposed selling of six residential lots located in our overflow parking lot located directly north of the Village office. The proceeds of this sale would be used to fund the balance of the costs associated with the construction of a new civic hub should the grant be approved.

The agenda pdf can be found here.

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