Chilliwack – More heartbreaking stories are emerging from this past weekend’s blaze on Stevenson. Over 100 people are displaced and won’t be able to go home for a year, while re-construction is underway.

It is amazing that no one died but evacuees left with literally the shirt on their back.

The fire has been deemed accidental and is still under investigation. It appears that it started on a balcony on the outside of the building.

A Facebook Fundraiser for the fire victims has been set up. Click here.

Julia and Gregory Lamb are in a interesting situation and a GoFundMe page is up for their assistance. Julia lost expensive medical equipment in the fire.

From the GoFundMe page site she wrote: As a disabled wheelchair using woman, I am comfortable asking for help when needed, but I had never dreamed of anything like this happening, where our rocky future requires me to seek help from our friends, family, community and those who are kind enough to give. But who ever can predict such a heartbreaking scene?

We are currently safe in a hotel, but following the next couple days, we have no where to go.

We have insurance but ahead of us is finding suitable housing that will be accessible for my wheelchair, and stable for at the at least one year that we are told we will need to wait while our apartment building is being reconstructed. And that’s the best case scenario.

Gregory and I are just about to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary, and his Canadian Residency was just approved a couple months ago.

Financially, I am limited in my hours I work due to my disease and chronic illness and Gregory as a new residence was beginning his career search when this fire happened. We don’t have a foundation of stable income to cover what isn’t covered, and we need help.

This fund will allow us stability and support in a time when we’ve lost any stability other than what we have in each other.

Thank you reading and thank you for giving.

We have been so heart-filled with the support of those around us and will forever be grateful. ♥️

Julia and Gregory Lamb/GoFundMe

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