Chilliwack – The original summer shut down for the maternity ward and lack of obstetricians was supposed to be six weeks. After public and political outrage – that was whittled down from June 24 to July 9.

The original FVN story can be found here.

Word has leaked that a 37 week pregnant woman was informed that if she were induced over the long weekend, she would be advised to go to Abbotsford Hospital.

This sounds like the repeat of the contentious shortage that Fraser Health said they needed to address but didn’t have the specialist to do it. For now anyone in the Eastern Valley or the Fraser Canyon, have to drive to Abbotsford for delivery.

Again, local politicos are raising their concerns including Chilliwack City Councilor Chris Kloot, who once again barked at Fraser Health to get their act together. @Fraserhealth needs to get their act together! Once again because of poor management expectant mothers will be turned away from Chilliwack General & sent to Abbotsford. I’m calling on @adriandix to have a close look at this. Unacceptable! Maybe the board needs a shake up!

That July 31 tweet has been taken down.

FVN and chillTV reached out to Fraser Health for comment. Talseem Juma, the media relations person for Fraser Health was quick to respond to published reports and says the term “closure” should have been “diversion”. Now FVN and chillTV have learned that “While diversions may be required some times when there are gaps in physician coverage, we can confirm there is no maternity diversion planned for Chilliwack General Hospital this weekend” says Juma. Routine diversion does occur when there are gaps in coverage. No maternity diversion planned for Chilliwack General Hospital this weekend.

No word if pressure from Victoria or the Valley (politicians) contributed to the change of tactic.

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