Chilliwack – Operating any type of alcohol and drug recovery facility is not an easy task. While Ruth and Naomi’s, Salvation Army and Cyrus Centre always have money coming in (BC Housing, Various Church organizations etc), there are other non-profits such as the Chilliwack Alano Club, trying to keep the doors open and pleading for their grant money to continue.

Not only do these places need money to function, they are time consuming for those who work behind the scenes. Most doing it as a volunteer. There are few paid employees.

Teskey Road To Recovery is a place for men to stay clean and sober in a home environment and work a recovery program (based on a combination of education, counselling and the traditional 12 Step model). The operators can pay the bills, but they were looking at their options as retirement was a reality staring them in the face.

The website can be found here.

Executive Director Leonard Jones and his wife recently took a look at how they were doing over the past 11 years, the financial and emotional toll on themselves and what they were giving back to the community. They do receive grants and food donations but the home can not run on inertia. Angel investors would be appreciated.

Jones told FVN/chillTV that they seriously considered closing down August 31 but have reconsidered. Posting to social media:

Hello Everyone,
As many of you have heard, Teskey Road To Recovery was originally going to cease operation on August 31st of this year. We have been in operation for 11 years. My wife and I have made the decision to continue operation. Teskey has done a lot for our community and it would be a shame to lose a facility such as ours. So with this decision, we have decided to stay the course, while we privately seek out a Recovery institution/Investor to perhaps purchase our facility and continue the good work it provides. Thank you for your suppor

NOTE: Teskey Road To Recovery is a 7 Bedroom home and is a residence for Men Only, who have completed an alcohol/drug treatment program. At this residence, individuals have shared accommodations. All meals are provided, however all residents are required to do daily chores, including participation in meal preparation, clean-up, housekeeping and yard maintenance. There is a full-time live-in Manager/Advisor to oversee daily operations while providing proper guidance. Residents are expected and responsible for attending 12-Step meetings. Residents are to be self dependent, reliable and refrain from any alcohol or drugs.

There is a zero tolerance policy in effect, with No Exceptions. This is a First and Second Stage facility. Call (604) 819-0161 for more information.

Teskey Road To Recovery

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