Chilliwack – With little fanfare, the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, the Chilliwack Mall and its owner SmartCentres unveiled one of the worst kept secrets. Chilliwack Mall, which first opened in 1981 (SmartCentres bought Chilliwack Mall in 2017), will go through ( if all goes as planned) a major upgrade and additions.

The detailed pdf can be found here.

In a perfect world, proposals and applications plus public hearings could start as early as this September with a May 2021 target date to start construction. Across the street, on Luckakuck, Cottonwood Mall is already going through an overhaul with the addition of Save On Foods.

Shopping malls in today’s economy MUST adapt or go under. That has happened all too frequently in the US.

This Chilliwack Mall facelift will not be cheap – $63M.

Safeway, Winners and Sport Chek will stay. There will be new standalone buildings including moving the Liquor Store, and tearing down sections of the existing mall, for a re-jig of the existing site to accommodate Condo towers and parking.

In a nut shell: Demolition of existing Enclosed Mall (67,673 sf)

• Addition of new Multi-tenant Retail Space (47,821 sf)

• Proposed Residential: -2.63-acre residential parcel-Three 6-storey residential buildings with approximately 200+ units-Structured + at grade parking

SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust
SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust
SmartCentres Real Estate Investment Trust
One thought on “Chilliwack Mall Major Facelift Proposal Includes HomeSence, Condos, Retail Expansion”
    “They’re looking at constructing three brand-new high-deold-fashioned enclosed style of mall, first built in 1981, is a “product of its era,” according to the plan documents.”

    The big issue here, is “lets line the developers pockets”. They call opening up the mall to retail outlets as a new idea! Where have they been? The OLD style mall was a strip mall i.e, (think old western movies with horses tied outside a ‘line’ of shops) and enclosed malls are a newer version. But they have to open it up to add as many money-making residences as they can! Chilliwack has a large senior population who can easily shop in an enclosed mall, but wont be running from store to store OUTSIDE in our very cold winters or extremely hot summers. What that mall needs, maybe along with some cosmetic updates, is more outlets added to the existing INSIDE mall, out of the weather, which provides easy access to all outlets. There is no reason to put entrances outside in an “old fashion style” strip mall except they want to add numerous residences to add to their (contractors) billions at the expense of the residents of Chilliwack. I’m sure I will not go there too often if I have to go outside between purchases. The outside mall is a thing of the past, not a “modern addition”. Give your head a shake. I sure hope Chilliwack residents can see this for what it is.

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