Chilliwack – chillTV News of the Week, with Don Lehn: July 18, 2019 With Trevor O’Rourke, Scott Wallace, Bryan Ewart of Chilliwack Golf Club, MP Chilliwack Hope Mark Strahl.

HEADLINES: – Chilliwack Senior suffering from dementia is missing since Saturday morning, sparking city-wide search.

– SOGI 1-2-3 Neufeld and Hansman duke it out in court.

– A Chilliwack man has been charged with sexual assault of a child and child pornography and…

– Cougar sightings in Promontory and Seabird Island.

News Director: Don Lehn Guest Anchor: Trevor O’Rourke

Sports: Scott Wallace

Sports Interview: Don Lehn interviews Bryan Ewart of Chilliwack Golf Club

Interview: Berris Karden interviews MP Chilliwack Hope Mark Strahl

Sponsors: @All Things Being Eco, Hofstede’s Country Barn, King’s Music Limited, VBNSports, FVN – Fraser Valley News, Sports and Entertainment.

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