Chilliwack -One year ago, July 17, 2018, the proposed 20 bed treatment centre specifically targeting youth between the ages of 13 and 18, received third reading from Chilliwack City Council. The unanimous vote was in favour of both the zoning by-law and an amendment of the Official Community Plan. In short, a piece of underused and quality impaired land, not very suitable for industrial or agricultural use, will be the site of the new facility.

The neighbors, represented by IHOP franchise owner James Squire as well as the manager of the Travel Lodge, both on Yale Road West, were in agreement that the building should be built and they did not have major issues with the plan. Squire was concerned about access to the back of the IHOP restaurant, as it was discovered that his access is actually on the treatment facility property. He was not notified by the previous owner about zoning issues and Mayor Sharon Gaetz was satisfied that access will be made through negotiations with BC Housing, Fraser Health and PCRS – Pacific Community Resources Society.

Security issues with lighting, cameras and fencing will be addressed.

Steve Esau of PCRS told FVN after the public hearing that the next phase is now the development permits as well as the Good Neighbourhood Agreement with Travel Lodge and IHOP’s Squire. The two were smiles and shaking hands after the presentations.

Now to July 2019. and construction is well underway with the foundaton being laid. Construction will continue in 2019 and the goal is to open the new development in early 2020.

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