Chilliwack – On Wednesday afternoon ( July 10 @4:45PM) Chilliwack Fire was dispatched to a reported structure fire located in the 49000 block of Campbell Road.

The occupant of the home had put his drone battery on its charger to charge. The occupants had left the home and approximately 1 hour later the owner of the home arrived back and upon entry, heard the smoke alarm and notice the home was full of black smoke. The home owner immediately exited the residence and called 911.

Firefighters responded from Halls 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 and on arrival, reported seeing light smoke within a single storey residential home.

When the crews entered, they noticed the home was fully charged with smoke. Upon entering one of the bedrooms, they saw a small flame on top of a desk where the battery charger was kept. Interior fire crew quickly extinguished the fire and proceeded with overhaul and salvage operations. The home sustained smoke damage and minor fire damage to contents within the bedroom.

No one was hurt.

The lithium polymer drone battery that had been on the charger was likely the cause of the fire.

Chilliwack Fire Department recommends only use the battery that is designed for the device.

When charging a lithium battery, always follow the manufacturer safety instructions that come with the device. Never leave the area unattended when charging in case the battery overheats and always charge the battery on a non-combustible surface and away from combustibles.

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