Langley – There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding a future farm on the corner of 232 Street and 40 Avenue. With 108 acres cleared, it is the current largest land clearing and development project in B.C. It is the future home to the John Volken Academy Farm. John Volken, the founder of United Furniture Wearhouse, has become renown as a visionary for his approach to helping people with addictions issues. His Academy offers a two-year program that has become a highly regarded example of a successful treatment program.

His vision to help people develop self-worth and purpose has led to the creation of this farm. When complete, it will be the first water buffalo farm in the Lower Mainland, designed to promote extreme sustainability while teaching addicts life skills and leading them down the road of recovery. The wooded property underwent a massive and costly transformation. With the site now cleared, municipal and provincial representatives gathered on July 2 for the official groundbreaking.

The John Volken Academy Farm will be open for tours and have a corner store. Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese sees “agri-tainment” as extremely valuable in public education on sustainable living.

Courtesy Langley Township, John Volken Academy

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