Fraser Valley – To no one’s surprise, temperature records fell in the Valley on Wednesday as the ridge of high pressure was at its peak. Sadly, this is not a heat wave (yet).

The following is a summary of preliminary daily high temperature records for June 12, 2019 (temperatures in degrees C).

From Environment Canada:

Abbotsford – New record 31.9, Old record 28.5 set in 1999. Records began in 1944.

Agassiz – New record 33.0, Old record 31.1 set in 1932. Records began in 1889.

Chilliwack – New record 33.0, Old record 32.2 set in 1932. Records began in 1881.

Hope – New record 32.5, Old record 28.4 set in 2002. Records began in 1936.

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