Hope/Manning Park – Hundreds of groups and individuals donate their time and energy to the 1,033 provincial parks and protected areas throughout British Columbia. BC Parks values the contributions made by volunteers and recognizes those who go above and beyond through its annual achievement awards.

That includes 2019 Individual volunteer of the Year – Roger Bean with Manning Park.

BC Parks also recognizes the contributions made by community partners and park operators. The recipient for Community Partner of the Year is AdvantageHOPE and Quality Recreation is the recipient for Park Operator of the Year.

Individual volunteer – Roger Bean

A long-time advocate for trail improvements, Bean has spent countless hours working on projects related to visitor safety and access in E.C. Manning Park, where he has volunteered for more than two decades. Bean’s focus has been on backcountry ski routes, like Cambie Loop/Fat Dog Trails, but he is also involved with summer interpretive programs that highlight his work on tracking and capturing incredible images of wildlife in the park. His work has also supported published wildlife research.

Bean is a key resource for BC Parks rangers and often takes them on excursions to improve their knowledge and skills in backcountry winter operations. Through his work as a volunteer firefighter at East Gate, Bean has come to the aid of BC Parks during wildfire/rescue events and is a fixture at Gibson Pass Ski Hill with his search and rescue dog Chloe.

Community partner – Stephanie Hooker and AdvantageHOPE

As a contractor to AdvantageHOPE, the District of Hope’s economic development and tourism agency, Hooker’s contributions to BC Parks represent an ongoing effort to improve park facilities, increase access and connect visitors with nature. Some of the many projects that Hooker and AdvantageHOPE have championed recently include developing new interpretive signs for Coquihalla Canyon Park, trail development, trail planning, bridge construction, Trips and Trails brochures, and creating the QuestUpon app. The projects have helped foster more than $1.5 million of investment and approximately 2,200 volunteer hours.

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