Abbotsford/Langley – On Thursday night (June 6 @10:30PM) , Abbotsford Police responded to a report of shots fired at an unoccupied vehicle. The target vehicle was parked at a rural residence in south-east Abbotsford. After the shot was fired, the suspect vehicle, followed by 2 others, fled the area.

Abbotsford Police located the three vehicles traveling westbound on Highway 1. The three vehicles were surveilled to Langley with the help of the RCMP Air 1 Police helicopter. In a business parking lot located on 72nd Ave in Langley, a van and two passenger vehicles were pulled over, and seven occupants of the vehicles were arrested without incident.

The seven occupants, males ranging in age from 17 to 21, were arrested. A search of the vehicle located a firearm, cell phones, suspected drugs, and paraphernalia related to drug trafficking.

It is unknown at this time why this particular residence was targeted.

This incident is still under investigation.

As charges have not yet been sworn, the suspects’ names cannot be released at this time

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