Abbotsford (with files from Josiah Hughes/exclaim!) – There’s new music and video from Abbotsford-based performer Kristin Witko . The new album is called Zone of Exclusion.

Zone of Exclusion arrives on June 28 via Kingfisher Bluez and can be pre-ordered here.

From her Facebook page, she writes (with a touch of sarcasm) When I first started writing music, I thought, “What if Kylie Minogue, the Rolling Stones (circa 1969-1973), and Cocteau Twins could become as one via my Macintosh computer?” (It didn’t really pan out.)

She has been on the music scene since 2012.

The new video, which was directed by Witko and Mitch Huttema, sees the singer dragged through a bleak hallway by a red lasso.

The video, as with Witko’s whole artistic practice, pairs thoughtful pop music with performance art. As explained in a press release, the question she’s attempting to answer with her work is, “Can a person — especially a mature person, especially a working person, especially a woman, especially a queer woman — create a sense of belonging on the earth by publicly manifesting what is alien about themselves?”

Kristin Witko

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