Abbotsford – A two-hour education session is being offered in Abbotsford as part of a new school-based gang prevention program to provide parents with practical knowledge on how to help prevent their children from getting involved in youth gangs.

The parent education session is scheduled for Thursday, May 30 at 6:30 p.m., at Abbotsford Senior Secondary, 33355 Bevan Ave. No registration is required.

“We want to ensure parents have access to the supports they need to keep their children out of gang life,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Education. “This session is focused on raising awareness of local risks and giving parents the tools they need to set their kids on a positive path toward success.”

Parents will leave with a greater understanding of what they can do to prevent their child from getting involved in gang activity. Topics will include an overview of the current B.C. gang landscape, information on how gang members recruit and what attracts children and youth to the gang lifestyle.

Presenters will discuss what gang membership entails and dispel some of the myths with realities. They will offer warning signs and steps parents can take if they think their child is involved in gang activity.

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