Abbotsford – MAY 24 UPDATE – APD sent out a release that the stamp collection found earlier this week by a Good Samaritan has been returned to its rightful owner – the Abbotsford chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. This stamp collection had been donated to the fraternal society by a stamp collector, and was stolen from a Masonic Hall last Thursday during a meeting.  

These donated stamps had been prepared for sale to collectors, with the proceeds being used to purchase materials to make dressings for cancer patients.  Each month, the women of the Order of the Eastern Star meet and hand-make an average of 18 dozen dressings, which are then sent to the BC Cancer Agency for distribution to cancer patients, free of charge.

MAT 21 ORIGINAL STORY – If you’re a stamp collector, and there remains a few, this is a big deal!

A Good Samaritan located a large collection of cancelled stamps that were hidden away in a bush located in central Abbotsford.  Tens of thousands of stamps in this collection have been carefully separated into section, packaged and labelled. 

Stamp Collection – Courtesy APD

If you or someone you know has lost their collection of cancelled stamps, please contact Sgt Judy Bird at

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