Fraser Valley – Last week there was a horrific accident at the Peace Arrch Border crossing as one speeding vehicle rear ended another, and a fireball erupted. One person died and that investigation continues.

A concern has come up with gas prices spiraling upward, and the notion that you just have to cross the border, fill up the tank and a few extra jerry cans and you’re set to go.

It’s not that simple.

There are safety and volume factors that you should be aware of. Remember, jerry cans or refillable containers of gasoline, are no different that having a potential explosion waiting to happen. Those containers MUST be secure and shouldn’t be in the passenger seat if the vehicle. Leave them in the trunk.

Also, there are rules for how much gasoline you can bring over the border. Those rules are federal, provincial and local.

CVSE (Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement) note that you may carry up to 150 liters of gasoline in approved containers whose capacity is no more than 30 liters each.

Transporting amounts greater than that or amounts in containers larger than that would mean having to comply with the requirements such training, manifests, placards and emergency information you would associate with commercial carriers , crossing the border.

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