Chilliwack – After an assessment from Thursdays traffic accident at the Chilliwack Alano Club, there was no structural damage, however, the Club will have to have repairs done to the security fence and a cleanup of the aftermath.

This past Thursday, a senor driving a sedan, had a medical issue. The car jumped the curb and plowed into the Alano’s dumpster on the Nowell Street side of the Club, bounced off a secure enclosure which holds used cooking oil and tore up a section of the fence. The senior who was driving, was taken to hospital for observation. The passenger, also a senior, was not seriously hurt. It was also fortunate that an off duty nurse was driving by and stopped to assist EMS crews.

Witnesses told FVN that at no time was the actual building in danger of being hit.

The timing though is unfortunate as the Alano, like many other non-profits, are dealing with dwindling donations. The Club is a clean and sober meeting place for not just 12 Step meetings, It also hosts business and family events. The Chilliwack Alano Club does not qualify for funding that the Salvation Army, Cyrus Centre and Ruth & Naioimi’s receive. The Alano will pick up the cost of the clean up.

Donations can always be made to the Club in person at Victoria and Nowell.

Alanon, for families and friends of those still drinking and using drugs, are hosting a Gratitude Day at the Alano Club on Saturday May 4th.


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