Chilliwack/Ottawa – Chilliwack City Council and in particular Councilor and FVRD Chair Jason Lum was ecstatic about the news that serious Federal Dollars for flood protection, are on the way.

Today the federal government announced they will contribute $45 million towards flood protection that will benefit residents and businesses in Skwah First Nation, Shxwhá:y Village and Chilliwack. The City of Chilliwack will contribute $7 million towards the project, which includes the construction of approximately 6km of new dikes, a flood gate structure and a new drainage pump station.

Chilliwack Mayor Ken Popove:

“With over 50km of dikes in Chilliwack, the City has a multi-year program to upgrade our dikes to meet the newest standard set by the Province. In addition to the generous funding from the Government of Canada, the City of Chilliwack will contribute $7 million to the project. This new dike will be a key part of the upgrade program and protect important infrastructure, not only within the City of Chilliwack, but also within Shxwhá:y Village and the Skwah First Nation. By working together we are able to accomplish so much more than we would individually, while helping to positively contribute to the local economy.”

“In this time of reconciliation we are joining forces and working together in the spirit of cooperation to build a stronger safer community and environment, not just for ourselves but alongside our neighbors. It is the dawn of a new day where First Nations and Canadian citizens are putting their minds together to find a solution to common problems that affect all of us on this little blue planet we call home. Climate change has affected our lands and it is up to us to protect it. Let us join hands to build a better future for tomorrow and continue growing our relationship for future generations. Shxwhá:y Village is honored to be working together on such an important issue that strengthens our bond with the city of Chilliwack and the federal government.”  

Chief Robert Gladstone, Shxwhá:y Village

“Skwah First Nation is happy to work together with our neighbouring community Shxwhá:y, with the City of Chilliwack and the Government of Canada to protect our people. This has been a long time coming and by working together we can make all our communities safe and prosperous.”

Chief Robert Combes, Skwah First Nation

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