VancouverU.S. President Donald Trump will run for re-election next year, but as U.S. law stands today, he won’t be eligible to run again in 2024.

No such limitation exists in Canada. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is far from a sure bet for re-election later this year, nothing would prevent him from seeking as party leader and MP a hypothetical third mandate, or fourth, or fifth.

Nevertheless, some Canadian officials – including the late former Alberta Premier Jim Prentice – have argued for the introduction of term limits in Canada.

Now, a new public opinion poll from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute suggests that many Canadians would like to change this. More than half (54%) say term limits for elected politicians are necessary.

If term limits were imposed, a restriction of two four-year terms is the most popular. Nearly half of all respondents say people who are sworn in as prime ministers and provincial premiers should serve no longer than eight total years in those roles.

More Key Findings:

  • Canadians’ belief that term limits are necessary cuts across several demographic lines. It outpaces the belief that they are unnecessary across all region-, gender- and age-groups
  • Political partisanship does seem to affect perspectives, however, with those who would consider voting for the Conservative Party of Canada most likely to say term limits are necessary (63% do), while those considering the Liberal Party lean toward the view that such rules are unnecessary (46% say this, compared to 39% who say they are necessary)
  • If Canada were to ever adopt term limits, the public wouldn’t necessarily want them to be permanent. More than half (54%) say a politician who has reached his or her term limit should be able to run again for the same term-limited position after taking some time off

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