Chilliwack – As part of Chances Chilliwack’s agreement with the Knight Road Legacy Association (KRLA), on March 28, 2018,the association received a payment of $608,691as their share of revenue for 2017.The agreement between the two organizations was signed in 2012 and since that time, KRLA has received over $2 million from Chances Chilliwack.

The payments are based on the facility’s performance for the year and will be in effect for the first 20 years of the property’s operation.Last year, KRLA received $481,585.“We always look forward to this time of the year as it allows us the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the KRLA, an association that is comprised of charities and non-profit organizations that make a big difference in the Chilliwack community,” said Shawn Duncan, Director of Operations at Chances Chilliwack.

There are a total of 49 charitable organizations that belong to the KRLA and were the original owners and operators of Chilliwack Bingo.

The list of recipients can be found here.

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