Fraser Valley (with files from Yahoo Sports and the New York Times) – Before anyone gets in an uproar over the wording.. let’s clarify.

Canada is taking steps to ban tackle football for kids 12 and under because of player safety concerns.

Football Canada, the sanctioning body for American-rules football in the country, has approved a full-squad tackle football ban for kids under 13 starting in 2022. Tackle football participation in the country has dwindled considerably in recent years amidst rising awareness of the impact of head trauma on brain health.

The revelation of the tackle football ban was made by CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie this past week. He said the CFL and Football Canada were focusing youth efforts on flag football.

FVN has reached out to Drew Sanders, President of the Chilliwack Giants football program as well as BC Football Conference. That is the league that the Valley Huskers belong to.

Another member with the Chilliwack Giants organization ( who wished to remain anonymous) noted to FVN : Reminder that when they say “ban” it means they will not support it. They cannot “ban” it since they do not write legislation. You also notice that it is still “allowed” for 6 man and 9 man teams.

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