Abbotsford – Over the weekend, Abbotsford Police officers responded to a report of a prowler lurking outside the windows of a residence in the 33400 block of Babich Place.

A homeowner watched a man in his backyard, peering through a window and watching family members inside his home.   The homeowner called out to the male, who casually walked away, out of view.  The homeowner believes the suspect was familiar with the home’s property and layout, as he was able to divert around motion sensors and left with ease. 

The male is described as standing 6’-6’3” tall.  He was wearing all black clothing and gloves, and his face was covered. 

The Abbotsford Police Department reminds residents to:

·         Call 911 to report suspicious activity.

·         Turn on outside lights to deter people from prowling close to your house.

·         Lock windows and close blinds or drapes to deter people from entering or watching through your windows.

If you do see someone in your yard, please call 911 and do not contaminate the scene by entering the area where the person was observed.  Police will want to collect evidence left behind, and possibly use a Police Service Dog to locate the person.

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