Abbotsford – Monday night’s Abbotsford City Council’s meeting was put into a forced recess, after a group of a half a dozen men stopped the proceedings and confronted Mayor Henry Braun on an unrelated issue.

Protests and interruptions at any council meeting, no matter where, are an occurrence. This one in Abby was a first. Mayor Braun and others were concerned about personal safety.

Meeting at the usual location, Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, while council was debating a proposed apartment building, these men let it be known that they were upset with “homes sliding away”. They left before police arrived to secure the building. They also left before they could fully explain themselves.

To view what happened in council chambers, click here and select 7PM Council meeting for Monday February 25. The incident is around 80 minutes into the evening session.

Councilor Patrica Ross posted on Social Media: In my 24 years on council, this is the first time we’ve had to stop a meeting and call the police because someone had been so disruptive.

Councilor Dave Lowen tweeted about the situation.

Council did eventually approve of the street widening of Blue Jay at Maclure.

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