Coquitlam/Merrit – On Wednesday, the BC Review Board maintained that 3 time child killer Allan Schoenborn “remains a significant threat”, and has denied his request for “mandatory outings”.

The current conditions remain in place (Colony Farms Hospital MAY allow outings if certain conditions are met).

Family spokesperson Dave Teixeira says the negative side of this decision is that the Board refuses to notify victims if outings do take place.

While the hearing was held January 10th 2019, the results of the hearing are just coming to light.

You can read the decision here.

In 2008, British Columbian’s were shocked to learn of Allan Schoenborn, a Merritt father, killed his three children at the family mobile home.

In 2010, among shock and dismay from family, friends and the public, let alone social media, he was found not criminally responsible.

Since then, he has remained under supervision at the Colony Farms Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam.

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