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Allan Schoenborn Saga Continues- Another Hearing And Now – Death Threats

Merritt/Coquitlam (With files from CTV/Castanet) – In 2008, British Columbian’s were shocked to learn of Allan Schoenborn, a Merritt father, killed his three children at the family mobile home.

In 2010, among shock and dismay from family, friends and the public, let alone social media, he was found not criminally responsible.

Since then, he has remained under supervision at the Colony Farms Psychiatric Hospital in Coquitlam.

In the years following, a string of appeals have captivated the news as he tries to gain supervised release through legal challenges. His ex-wife fears for her life should he ever be released.

This past week, was another try at some form of limited freedom. During this hearing, it came to light that Schoenborn’s life was threatened from the inside of the facility. During this latest B.C. Review Board hearing, Allan Schoenborn’s psychiatrist told the board two patients had conspired to harm or potentially kill Schoenborn, before staff discovered the plot.

The decision from the BC Review Board on this application is not expected for 30 to 45 days. In the hearing, information came to light that Schoenborn still remains indifferent to what he did and express anger and dismay on the court proceedings. He was heard to say “Really? Really?”

Since the initial trial and subsequent hearings and legal proceedings, the victim’s family spokesperson, media specialist Dave Teixeira has expressed the family’s frustrations with the snails pace of each and every legal turn, that has been going on for 11 years, let alone on what seems to be a yearly process of appeals. the emotional toll on the victims family and friends has been well documented.

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