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Book Review – The Codfish Dream: Chronicles of a West Coast Fishing Guide

Fraser Valley – If you are a fan of the late Stuart MacLean and his CBC stories as well as CD’s and books, or NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion  by Garrison Keillor, than you will find this book in a similar vein.

And it’s quite funny.

David Giblin’s The Codfish Dream: Chronicles of a West Coast Fishing Guide, is an excursion into the offbeat people and places he’d encountered during a colourful period in his life.  After 15 years as a fishing guide on the BC coast, and amassing quite a few stories, he felt they had to be preserved.

There are 48 narratives, interconnected, yet easy and funny reading that is a perfect Sunday afternoon stay at home on the coach, kind of read.

Of course the book opens with … a dream. One that anyone, not just a fisherman can relate to (Think back to having a work nightmare). From that, you are into a series of remarkable and entertaining tales that will have you grinning, chuckling and wondering….did that really happen? Ask one who has fished from commercial to recreational….yes, this could and can and HAD happened…to some degree.

The Codfish Dream is available through Amazon, click this link for more information.


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