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After October 17, You Can Spark Up- Legally – Relaxed Marijuana Laws Kick In

Ottawa – For advocates, this has been a long time coming and it came, innocently enough, during a Q&A session in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada as of October 17.

Trudeau made the announcement during question period in the House of Commons.

MP’s are expected to rise for the summer break this week.

Trudeau said the government has delayed the legalization schedule in order to give the provinces and territories more time to implement their regimes.

Police Forces across Canada as well as civic politicians are concerned about driving and toking as well as workplace use.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to end its opposition to certain aspects of the federal bill, most notably the plan to permit Canadians to cultivate marijuana plants at home.

Marijuana Roach from the inside cover of the Doobie Brothers album “Minute By Minute”

Mike Farnworth, BC Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, has issued the following statement regarding the federal Cannabis Act:

“Today, the Government of Canada has made history by announcing the end of a 95-year prohibition on non-medical cannabis, and confirming the legalization date of Oct. 17, 2018. Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, creates a new national framework that provides access to a regulated supply of cannabis, while implementing restrictions to minimize the harms associated with cannabis use.

“This federal legislation creates a corresponding need for provincial and territorial governments to establish cannabis-related laws and regulations. That’s why B.C. recently passed legislation to ensure we have a responsible regulatory framework in place for the safe implementation of legalized cannabis throughout our province.

“We’re now focused on developing the regulations and supporting policies for the implementation of our provincial regulatory regime. We are also working on provincial public awareness and education campaigns, to ensure British Columbians have the information they need regarding legalization and our provincial regulations when they come into force.

“It’s important to remember that the date set by the federal government for cannabis legalization will just be the beginning. The legalization of cannabis is complex, and the Province is committed to monitoring the implementation and making any adjustments necessary to meet our provincial goals. This includes continuing to engage local governments and Indigenous governments and organizations beyond legalization, to ensure specific interests and concerns are addressed.”

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